The A,B,C of Growing Your Business Operational To Strategic Thinking

Attend our proven Strategic Thinking Course and see the GROWTH IMPACT on your Business.

For only R5 500.00 ex Vat shift your TEAM’s mindset from Operational To Strategic Thinking.

7 Great Reasons to Attend:


Strategy is about winning. If you and your team don’t have a good strategy, and a shared understanding of that strategy, then you’re going to lose.

To succeed, any leader must thrive in a fast changing and dynamic world. Strategy is intelligent and dynamic; thus, leaders must have similar skills. It might be that much of what you know about strategy is obsolete. Research shows that old ways of creating corporate strategy will not sustain the growth and change that many organisations need.

The aim of this Workshop is to help you devise strategy in a systematic and scientific way, so that it will enhance the structure, performance, risk, and culture within your organisation.

The theories that we teach will give the best global practice on strategic leadership. Our approach is practical and will help participants to understand their organisations with a depth that is beyond former knowledge.

 Key Learning Outcomes

Develop an understanding of the latest and classic strategic thinking concepts and frameworks.

Enhance your ability to create and communicate effective strategies.

Research by OnStrategy shows that 86% of executive teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy and 95% of a typical workforce doesn’t understand it’s organization’s strategy.

On the other hand, Strategy is such a delicay to the point that Michael Raynor says – ‘The very traits that we have come to identify as determinants of success are also the ingredients of failure.’