and bringing them home...


After you brief us, we set off by developing a Search and Recruitment Strategy to fill your vacant role. Strategies vary significantly from role to role and from industry to industry.

We scan the market to find candidates that meet your spec and we promote your brand positively in terms of both intrinsic and extrinsic value the role and organization offers the candidate.

What makes the burden lighter in terms of identifying the suitable candidates is the internal debriefing session we have in terms of identifying suitable backgrounds and organisations these candidates must come from as well as our recruitment strategy as determined by your needs and budget.


Briefings are very important for most critical roles especially for executive positions as it allows us to ask some questions the spec does not cover that are influential in us crafting an appropriate search strategy for the role.


Many things influence our search strategy and through our inhouse debriefs we brainstorm and decide what would be the quickest way to find the skill you are looking and why it would work.

Our Search

With a suitable strategy our search is very quick because at that point we know who we are looking for and where they are. Any delay would be attributed to the availability of that candidate as they always in meetings.

Quality Assurance

In general, no matter the level of employment, we interview all candidates before presenting them to the client. We also take time to verify their package and negotiate an acceptable CTC should they be successful. As is standard we also do MIE and Reference Checks at the appropriate time.


Executive recruitment is a specialised search and as such you want to make sure you brief the right agency to deliver the work without compromising your  brand and on time.